Critical Exploits : Whole of Discipline Lecture RMIT with Tobias Revell and Ben Stopher

“Critical Exploits is an examination of the key tropes, tools and methods of speculative and critical design and a journey through some of the key contemporary projects of the field. Taking in the thematic areas of futurism, design fiction, networked devices, science communication, critical infrastructure, warfare, material culture, synthetic biology and network politics, the talk[…]


Visit: The Edge – Makerspace Brisbane

“Conceived as a model for the library of the future, The Edge, launched by State Library of Queensland (SLQ) in 2010, is at the forefront of re-imagining libraries for the 21st century. With a mandate to empower Queenslanders to explore creativity across art, science, technology, and enterprise, The Edge is a visionary space for ‘creating[…]


The Cube at QUT

“The Cube is one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces dedicated to providing an inspiring, explorative and participatory experience of QUT’s Science and Engineering research.The Cube consists of 48 multi-touch screens soaring across two storeys. Housed in QUT’s Science and Engineering Centre, The Cube is your hub for scientific and digital[…]