July 25, 2018

INTERACT Recipe Book and Cumulus Paper

Recipe Book

This is a recipe book of workshops assembled by various members of the EU-funded Interact project. Each recipe is written to help others engage participants in design workshops. Each recipe describes the recommended participants, the length of time, equipment and any previous experience required as well as instructions on how to ‘cook’ the recipe. The recipes form a corpus of work from the participating institutions in Interact (UAL, DMJX, RMIT and QUT) that reflects a general approach an attitude towards design and the arts and each recipe has been tested and iterated over time. You are free to use and adapt the recipes as you see fit and we will make efforts to keep the recipe book ‘stocked up.’

The recipes are loosely divided into five categories. ‘Design 101’ contains practical recipes to introduce core design principles like colour, perspective and typography. The ‘Technical’ recipes are more focussed and advanced, looking at particular platforms or technical skills. ‘Futures’ are recipes that help participants with ‘futures thinking.’ ‘Being A Creative’ contains various recipes that help participants to live and look after themselves better as creative students and professionals while ‘Teaching and Learning’ contains recipes that help us examine how we learn and research.

You can download a copy and use under CC-BY. The recipe book will continue to grow and we invite anyone to add new recipes by following this link.

Cumulus Paper

For Cumulus 2018 in Paris, Tobias Revell and Eva Verhoeven from LCC wrote a paper reflecting on their experience with the Interact program and some of the key lessons learned. You can download a copy of the paper here.