Global Design Studio – Playable Cities 2018/19

This studio aims to engage students from partner institutions from different parts of the world to work on a joint design brief. Students will learn about interaction and will explore theory and practice in a global community of practice.

The idea of this project was born from the EU funded INTERACT project. INTERACT students adapted to new cultures and new ways of thinking and making in design which provided opportunities for their own growth. They had to be flexible and resilient, and were able to respond to new, unexpected situations (unpredictability and wicked problems). The immersion in other learning environments in different socio-cultural contexts was key to the valuable experience, however this was an exclusive experience for a relatively small number of students. Therefore this project aims to expand this learning to a greater number of students and test collaborative learning trans-nationally.

This project is about establishing a community of learning across borders and time-zones around issues of interaction, presence and time across national boundaries. This is a flexible and adaptable structure that can be re-created across different institutions, times and contexts. Students from different institutions will work on the same design brief during a set period of time. Students will share synchronous moments of interactions as well as asynchronous activities to design together.

The focus is on transnational collaboration across cultural and national boundaries in order to change mindsets of the students from focusing on local teams and outcomes to global ways of designing together.

We envisage that the means of global collaborative design practice will change and we aim to develop a project brief and focus on a yearly basis to respond to our uncertain and fluid times.

Dr Eva Verhoeven — UAL