RMIT INTERACT Student Mikaela Reflects on Her Exchange in London

img_18991477589992676-1Image (left): Emerson works on the London Design Festival exhibition The Joy of Sets x The Kubrick Archive on his first week on exchange at LCC.

“The Interact Exchange Program has positively challenged my interpretation of the possibilities within Design and how I can further cultivate my practice.

The program’s briefs have required me to think more critically of the reasoning behind the designs we are creating. Although each project’s final results are open for individual interpretation, the importance of research and observation encouraged from the teachers has been my greatest learning curve.

IDA as a course has provided a platform for the transformation of student’s ideas through collaborative class discussion and informative critiques. The studio environment was instantaneously welcoming from both the staff and peers, resulting in an easy progression into the experience and since has been a supportive atmosphere to work in.

The city of London is bustling with constant exhibitions, lectures, and events meaning there is always inspiration and immersion to be found.

Overall, it has been a stimulating experience that has implicated a broadened perspective on the boundaries of Interactive and Communication Design.”

Mikaela, RMIT.